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The Partners of OSM Consulting

Mr. Mehernosh Lentin

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E-mail: lentinn@osmconsulting.co.uk
  • Supply chain process expert.
  • Designed and implemented many advanced supply-chain systems, particuarly in the mission-critical environment of a Pharmacuetical Company.
  • Processes proven to work on a Global level.
  • Lectured on supply issues at conferences such as:-

Mr. Jamie Lentin

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E-mail: lentinj@osmconsulting.co.uk
  • Web technologies expert.
  • Can design and implement custom-designed, database-driven websites, particulary in a supply-chain environment.
  • Capable of working with any existing JSP/ASP/CGI/PHP website system.
  • Familar with utilising advanced technologies such as XML,XSLT,CSS to generate more efficent solutions tailored for you.
  • Configuration of Apache/Tomcat/IIS Servers on a Windows/UNIX OS.

E-mail: enquiries@osmconsulting.co.uk